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Here you will find articles / blogs with hints and tips on choosing the right fitness equipment, how to get the best our of your gym equipment and loads of nutritional advice too. We hope you enjoy our blogs.

Burn More Calories on a Treadmill


You’ve long taken advantage of intervals’ fat-incinerating benefits, and tweaking your hard-easy program can help you sweat off even more in even less time. In a University of Copenhagen study, researchers had adults replace their regular training sessions with 20- to 30-minute runs of gradually building 1-minute repeats consisting of 30 seconds jogging, 20 seconds moderately paced running, and 10 seconds sprinting. Although the runners cut their training time in half, they also cut 23 seconds from their 1,500-meter runs and a minute off their 5K times. Plus they significantly lowered their blood pressure and cholesterol levels, all in just seven weeks.

This type of up-down intensity also melts serious calories. “These workouts cause your heart rate to race up and down, so your body never adjusts to the workout and therefore continues to burn more calories than it would if going at a single pace,” says Taylor Ryan, a certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant in Charleston, SC. The metabolism boost can last for up to 48 hours post-workout. In fact, studies have shown that two hours of intervals is equivalent fat-burning wise to 10 hours of steady-state cardio when both are performed over the course of two weeks.

Ryan recommends using the 10-20-30 formula for your runs three to four non-consecutive days a week. It works for walkers too: Use a brisk pace for 30 seconds, speed walk 20 seconds, and go as fast as you can for the last 10 seconds.

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Things to consider when purchasing Gym Equipment


What Are Your Goals?

Whether you want to build strength, increase flexibility, improve endurance, or enhance your health, look for a program that meets your personal goals. Remember that the best route to overall fitness and health is one that incorporates a variety of physical activities as part of a daily routine.

Will You Really Use Exercise Equipment?

In theory, exercising at home sounds great. But if you don’t use a piece of equipment regularly, it can burn a hole in your pocket without burning off any calories. Before you buy, prove to yourself that you’re ready to stick to an ongoing fitness program. Set aside some time in your day for physical activity—and then do it. Access to home exercise equipment may help to maintain certain fitness programs, which may help long-term weight control.

Can Exercise Equipment Help You Spot Reduce?

No. No exercise device can burn fat off a particular part of your body. To lose the proverbial spare tire or trim your hips, you must combine sensible eating with regular exercise that works the whole body. The reason: Everything you eat has calories and everything you do uses calories. Your weight depends on the number of calories you eat and use each day. Increasing your daily physical activity will burn extra calories.

Can You See Through Outrageous Claims?

Exercising regularly can help you shape up. But some companies claim that you can get results by using their equipment for three or four minutes a day, three times a week. Sounds fabulous, right? But realistic? Not really.

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15 Tips to gain Muscle Mass


1. Train with weights. You muscles needs resistant in order to grow. Training with weights is the most effective and fastest way to accomplish this.

2. Eat 6 meals a day. Not huge meals, but 6 smaller meals. This will allow you body to absorb most of the nutrients it receives.

3. Eat lots of protein. Protein is the building blocks to growing muscle. Without protein, you body will never build muscle. Protein can be found in beef, chicken, peanut butter, and so much more.

4. Limit your cardio. Cardio burns calories and would make it extremely hard for you to put on weight. If you must to cardio, only do it once a week.

5. Lift medium weights. Doing 3 sets with repetitions of 10-12 will give the maximum opportunity of muscle growth.

6. Take vitamins. You maybe eating 6 meals a day, but it’s still hard to get to necessary nutrients your body needs. Take vitamins to give your body what you maybe lacking.

7. Exercise no more than 3x per week. You build muscle when you are resting, not in the gym. When you are in the gym for those 3 days, make it a good workout.

8. Exercise for no more than 1 hour. Any more than this and you are overworking your muscles. You maybe able to do more, but don’t risk causing an injury and losing all of what you gained. You can lose what you gain in a week of time if you are not careful.

9. Don’t weight yourself everyday. You may not see any movement in your weight and you may get unmotivated. And remember, when you are just starting out your workout plan, your weight may not change as you are burning fat and gaining muscle at the same time.

10. Set goals. You need to have something to work to. Without goals, you are fighting a never ending battle.

11. Stay away from junk food. Eating all fats and sugars only produces a “big belly”. That’s not the weight you need to be putting on.

12. Eat right after you work out. Your body needs food to fuel those muscles as they just worked themselves good. This will allow your body to absorb the nutrients while your muscles can take a lot of it in.

13. Drink lots of water. This will also allow your body to absorb as much nutrients as possible. Normally, your body will waste about half of what you take in. If you want to gain muscle mass, you body needs to take in a much as possible.

14. Take supplements. There are many decent sports supplements on the market that you can choose from. They range from weight-gaining to muscle building. Make sure you do your research as some of them are a complete waste of money.

15. Get lots of sleep. You need at least 8 hours of sleep each night. As I state earlier, your body builds muscle while it’s resting. This could be the difference of you making your goals and falling just short of reaching them.


Treadmill Repair – DIY?


With increasing use of treadmills as fitness maintainer, their presence in the market has also increased. Several models of treadmills, from cheap, refurbished to the most expensive ones are available today. But like any other machine, treadmills too tend to get wear and tear. The more you use it, the more soon will its components get exhausted.

Almost all treadmills, after the expiry of its warranty period require much replacement and repair so that it keeps functioning well. Many people refrain from spending on repair and maintenance costs. Well, if your treadmill is of low quality, you surely wouldn’t be preferring to spend your precious money on a low grade machine. Instead you will be interested in buying a new model altogether. But if you have a treadmill of a reputed brand, you would surely like to spend money on refurbishing your treadmill. Equipment maintenance is very important for your treadmill at home. You need regular servicing of your exercising machine. If you are not finding time to get your treadmill repaired at a service center, then it becomes important for you to perform service on your own.

The important parts of your treadmill are the motor, the belt, the deck and the display screen. There are certain basic things that you should keep in mind while repairing your treadmill. You should start repairing your treadmill with its most important part, which is a motor.

Constant cleaning of the motor is necessary. This helps it to make dust free. Next to the motor comes the treadmill belt. You should always keep the track of your belt’s condition. If you are uncomfortable with it, you should replace it. There is another aspect to the cleaning process. You should constantly apply grease to the chain that supports the belt. Greasing it constantly will make the life of your treadmill’s chain longer. It is also very important for you to examine the deck of your treadmill regularly.

Lubricating your deck also forms an important part of a treadmill repairman exercise. As the treadmill becomes old and much used, the belt tends to lose its balance. After a certain period of time, the treadmill belts do not remain centered. They get tracked either towards the left or the right. This type of defect can be repaired at your home easily with a screw driver. A proper balance is important for good exercising.

Any machine has a tendency to make noise. The same is true with your treadmill. The more you use it, the more it will become noisy. These symptoms show that now is the time for you to refurbish the motor of your treadmill. But replacing a motor is not an easy task. You should be careful about the compatibility of the new motor that you are intending to use. Most of the treadmill manufacturing brands have in their offer the replacement of parts of their models that includes belt and motor.

If you have these company replacement offers with you, then you would save heavy repair expenses. Apart from the motor and the belt, you may also find a need to replace the display screen of your treadmill.

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