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Choosing Home Fitness Equipment

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Installing a home gym is a great way to ensure you have access to a daily workout routine

Investing in your own equipment and avoiding gym memberships will save money and time and you will be reminded on an almost daily basis to work out.

Decide and measure the space you have available for gym equipment.

There are machines that can fold up for easy storage, but most large equipment such as treadmills, stationary bikes, and machines you would find in a gym, cannot be moved easily because of their size and weight. Before buying make sure and measure the available space whether it is a dedicated room, part of a room, or a basement. Measure the equipment while you shop, including all extensions and positions of the machine.

Set realistic and obtainable fitness goals.

Determine what you hope to gain with the fitness equipment you keep in your home. If you want cardiovascular exercise and enjoy walking or running, consider purchasing a treadmill. If you want to increase strength, look for a home machine that offers several different exercises for the whole body. If you prefer yoga and Pilates, purchase mats, balls, and other resistance items.

Will you be sharing your equipment?  Is it safe for all family members?

If there are other members of your family who will use the equipment, consider their fitness needs as well. If you have small children in the house, make sure the equipment can be safely locked so no one gets hurt.

Have a budget

How much you can spend on the equipment, and how you will pay for it?

Fitness machines can cost from less than £100 to as much as £10,000, the sky is the limit!   Figure out if you will use savings, pay in cash, or set up payment plans. If you need to save money, consider buying used fitness equipment and search local classified ads as carriage and shipping can be expensive.