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Want to live longer? Then eat less

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Want to live longer? Then eat less

When animals (as reported in a journal of the National Academy of Sciences) were fed a nutritious, calorie-restricted diet (about 30 percent fewer calories than normal), they experienced less sickness, reduced rates of cancer, less heart disease, and less diabetes, and lived longer.

Scientists believe that if humans would cut out their usual amounts of saturated fats, hydrogenated vegetable oils, pastries, cookies, and other junk food and help themselves to sensible portions of fruits and vegetables instead, they, like the animals in the study, would enjoy improved health

Fizzy drinks Settle Around the Waistline.

Drinking just one can of sugary drinks per day, without adjusting the amount of food eaten or increasing one’s exercise level, can add 15 pounds of body weight over a year’s time. A standard can of sugary fizzy drinks has 150 calories. We now drink twice as much sugared soda per person as they did 25 years ago.

Fruit and vegetable juices, and water with a bit of lemon, are great alternatives to the fizzy drink habit.

Water is the Key!

If you are suffering from fatigue, you feel depressed or too stressed, and you are looking for more energy, water could be just the ticket. Also, if you are interested in losing weight and/or controlling your appetite, if you suffer from dry skin, indigestion, backaches, or headaches, drinking more water might be the solution, at least partly. Water makes up between 70 and 80 percent of our bodies–the blood and brain are 90 percent water! Your cells need it to do everything they’re assigned by God, and your kidneys use it to filter out harmful elements. It also helps to lubricate our joints, metabolize fat, keep the brain thinking, and a host of other life-sustaining processes.

Water is a great way to help control one’s physical body–as more water consumption typically results in less food consumption. In addition, drinking adequate amounts of water will significantly reduce the daily calories so readily consumed when drinking juice, soft drinks, and milk.

There are several ideas about how much water we need to consume to maintain good health. One rule of thumb is eight ounces a day for every 25 pounds of body weight. You should check with your doctor before changing your diet, but it is a fact that for most people more water will greatly benefit their health.

Your body recycles water in a way only God could have devised, but you will naturally lose water through breathing, sweating, and elimination. To avoid losing excess water, stay away from alcohol, caffeine, and sugar, which slow the absorption of water.